From ancient Greek, “Xenia” is the concept of hospitality, defined by mutual respect between host and visitor.

The guiding principles of Xenia Capital are therefore based on a spirit of fiduciary responsibility and professional competence. These principles lead us to view the best interests of our customers as our top priority.

Xenia Capital is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (ASG). As a self-regulatory body, ASG is committed to the protection of investors as well as to the continuing education of its members.

Our commercial and management principles as well as the relations with our partners and customers are based on a deep rootedness of the values of mutual respect and fiduciary duty.

Our asset management principles are defined by:

Analytical methods marked by independence, common sense and empirical reasoning.
Strategies that incorporate the observation that the time factor improves performance, reduces risk and amplifies the impact of tight management cost control.
The observation that in an environment as complex as the one in which we are called upon to operate, simplicity is very often inherent in the solutions best able to achieve the objectives set.